John Burroughs

Man can have but one interest in nature, namely to see himself, reflected or interpreted there.


Realization in Taipei

I’m visiting a friend in Taipei.   This morning I was getting ready to meet her when I realized my dad’s greatest gift to me.  It wasn’t anything material or monetary.  It was the gift of forcing me to become independent.  When I was young he informed me he would leave no money for his children.  He told me making a social impact is more important than money.  When I needed a car he fronted the down payment, but when I couldn’t find a job to make the monthly payments, he informed me that the car was no longer mine.  When I went to grad school he told me he wouldn’t be paying for it.

My dad could have offered some support but he didn’t.  I always thought this was unfair, but I’ve realized by his restraint he has helped me to stand on my own two feet.

Thoughts of the Day

Growing up is scary.  I woke up at 6 am with a pounding heart, so I ran to Prospect Park and back.  That wasn’t enough so I did a work out video afterwards.  I worked all day and applied to jobs, drank a cup of coffee with flaky almond milk, listened to strange Persian music, and smoked a skinny cigarette that had a menthol after taste.  It’s hard to remember to live for today sometimes.